From a cheerleader doing her first back flip to a fifteen-year-old rebuilding a carburetor, science underlies every facet of our lives. If you can learn to apply scientific principles and reasoning, you can learn, understand, fix, deconstruct or just plain figure out anything. And yet how often do traditional science textbooks show students the connection between formulas and paper problems and real life?


Today's tech-savvy youth are captivated by the idea of making movies. Use their natural affinity for technology to drive their desire to understand the world around them. By creating their own, unique documentaries using Take 2 footage, they will learn:

  • Critical Thinking and Analysis

  • Collaboration

  • Innovation and Creativity

  • Decision Making and Problem Solving

  • Media Technology

  • Unifying Concepts and Processes

  • Personal and Social Perspectives in Science

From our simplest unit on the Water Cycle to a more sophisticated analysis of the evidence for and consequences of Global Warming or the perils of Tuna Overfishing, Take 2 provides footage and curricula that allow students to research, analyze, explain, and advocate on a scientific topic or principal. Documentaries can be used alone or in conjunction with a science project or festival.

Please see our Environmental Modules for a more detailed description of the footage/curricula and available topics.