“I can’t get my daughter to do anything at home but the energy she puts into this project just blows me away!”     
Parent (Tampa, Florida)


How do you teach students solid essay-writing skills in a hyper linked world where everything is non-linear and multi-tasking is a way of life? Use their own fascination with technology! Your students will be captivated by the idea of making a movie - and structuring/narrating a good documentary requires all the same skills as writing a good essay.

They'll learn to:

  • To read multiple texts with a critical eye, determine central ideas, and summarize them succinctly.

  • To evaluate source credibility, point of view, relevance, sufficiency of evidence, and purpose.

  • To integrate content from diverse media - visually, quantitatively, and in written form.


They'll have to:

  • Use their research to develop an opinion, then write arguments to support their analysis using valid reasoning skills and strong evidence.

  • Write their narration to convey complex information simply, clearly, and accurately.

  • Revise, review, polish, and redo - and accept constructive critique from an audience of their peers.


Once they're done and they show their film they'll have the chance to:

  • present their information or advocate/defend their point of view.

  • Use digital media to make a convincing case to their target audience.

  • Practice their public speaking and communication skills in their introductions and Q&A.

And along the way, they may just realize that they really can change the world - or their small corner of it - if they try hard enough.