To raise global awareness in today's youth through the use of digital media.



To create future leaders who have global vision and an awareness of their responsibilities to all citizens of the world. 

To do this we will:

  1. Provide forums to raise awareness of global issues among young people.
  2. Support them in acquiring the skills of social responsibility and global leadership.
  3. Encourage them to use these skills within their communities and beyond.
  4. Measure, communicate, and learn from the impact of our efforts.



Take 2’s organization and actions are based on the following core values:

Respect:  Respect for diverse ways of life and thought is the key to global leadership and the principal tool for confronting prejudice, apathy, fear, and violence. Take 2 strives to be a model of respectful conduct, and to encourage like values among its constituents.

Neutrality:  Take 2 is relentlessly non-sectarian: it maintains the highest standards of fairness and impartiality in both the materials it provides and the client organizations it works with.

Integrity. Take 2’s board and staff are dedicated to maintaining the highest level of ethical conduct. We are accountable for our actions not only to the government and our supporters, but to the clients we serve and to those whose stories we tell.