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The world is flat.  Information and capital careen around the globe and environmental problems are planetary in scope. India builds our laptops and reads our CAT scans; we breathe the air from Chinese factories while they dispose of our waste. We need to teach our children how to cope with these new realities if they are not just to survive, but thrive in a new global economy.

But how do you break through the clamor of Youtube, MP3 players, and Twitter to reach the heart of a 17-year-old? How do we convince today's youth to recycle, to vote, to read the newspaper and to give back to their own community and to the world? MakeStudentsCare



                    Create a Mini documentary.

Your students will be excited by the chance to be the next Ken Burns - but they can't make a movie unless they research their subject and study the issues. When they're done they'll have learned to write, think critically, collaborate, argue persuasively - and care.


What you get:


Our modules can be completed in as little as two weeks or as long as a full semester...

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We have Elementary/Middle school, high school, or university level projects...



Check out a 90-second sample of our Sudan footage.

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