Jeda's World Today

A 17-year-old Sudanese woman's struggle to overcome her

life in a Sudanese refugee camp, no matter what the price.


This Module Contains:

  • General DVD with 2.10 hours of digital footage of general life in Sudan.

  • Topic-specific DVD with 3.65 hours of digital footage of Jeda's life within a refugee camp

  • Transcripts of four interviews translated into English.

  • Comprehensive background information and summary materials (sample) of the footage, including flowcharts (sample).

  • Cutting-edge curriculum: teaching unit (sample) supporting social science standards complete with class activities, grading rubrics, four PowerPoint presentations (sample), lecture materials, graphic organizers, homework assignments, a video on how to use the footage, and student briefing materials (sample).                                                                         



Who is Jeda? Jeda is a 17- year old woman, originally from the village of El Geneina in Sudan. In 2004, her village was raided and burned by rebel groups.  For the last six years Jeda has lived in Chad in the refugee camp of Farchana. Like many young Sudanese women, Jeda is beautiful, hard-working, and intelligent. Unlike them, Jeda has both a dream and the family backing to pursue it. Her parents seek education for her so that she can find a job and provide for them -- perhaps even earning enough to move her mother and six siblings out of the refugee camp. Jeda continues to attend school in Farchana, long after most other women her age are married and have children. Jeda is in the camp drama club and is the captain of the girls' volleyball team. She isn't afraid to speak in front of men, something unheard of in Sudanese culture. Jeda would like to attend school in the United States or Canada, but has neither the language skills nor the academic skills to make this reasonably hopeful. Despite her education -- or perhaps because of it -- she may, in the end, have to give up her dreams and settle down to a traditional marriage and children.


Teaching Unit Overview: A person’s identity is shaped by one’s own culture, by groups, and by influences of the country and region. Examination of the kinds of behavior, lifestyle, and social norms of the Sudanese culture enhances our understanding of both the typical woman in Sudan today who has been shaped by hundreds of years of tradition and the atypical woman (as exemplified by Jeda). Students can examine Jeda’s world, its cultural and social values and norms, and its ethical principles as well as the issues Jeda herself faces. Students will then utilize technology to create media products to inform, entertain, or advocate for change in modern Sudan.


Footage Highlights:

  1. Jeda’s chores and home life

  2. Personal interviews with Jeda and her mother

  3. Jeda at school

  4. Jeda and her fellow students’ drama production

  5. Jeda in her role as captain of the girls' volleyball team

  6. Brick making

  7. Women working at reservoir and collecting wood

  8. Classroom observation

  9. Women's  daily life in a refugee camp        

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One-year, single classroom educational license: $250. Introductory price: $95.

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