6-12 months before field production begins, Take 2 begins pre-production:

  1. Choose subject region or topic.

  2. Research and purchase field equipment.

  3. In-depth research of target region/topic.

  4. Intensive language study (to fluency) in target language or dialect, if necessary.

  5. Contact in-country humanitarian organizations.

  6. Find host families within target region for duration of stay.

  7. Gather potential story list.

  8. Fundraise to cover field expenses.

Karin Muller will spend 3 months each year in the target conflict region, acquiring footage for the following school year.  This usually takes place from June-August.


Upon completion of the field shoot, Take 2 immediately begins the following post-production tasks:

  1. Digitize footage (if necessary).

  2. Sequence footage and create 200-400 pages of summaries describing the stories and issues in detail.

  3. Proof all translations.

  4. Create supporting documents (flow charts, story lists, etc.)

  5. Create curricula for secondary schools.

  6. Export footage into Mac and PC formats.

  7. Prepare packages for schools.